10 October 2011

yesterday's disbeliever

Yesterday's disbeliever, who phoned back and laughed at me when I texted about the snow, has just excitedly pointed out to me all the snow on the hills around us. She said "You wouldn't believe how much snow is on the hills south of Cassino".

Yes I would. It was there yesterday, and still falling when I left. Remember my text? I might be a lost wanderer from the antipodes, but I have seen snow before!

The sun shines warmly through my studio windows but outside there is a bite in the breeze. Time to swap over the clothing boxes. It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I was packing away the winter woollies, but in fact it has been a long long and very tough summer, and winter might almost be welcome.

But rain? Please, could my trees have a little rain?

Today I am grateful for (grown up) children's birthdays.

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