19 October 2011

a new day, new eyes

Constantly people ask what living in Italy has done to my art. Usually my response is that it has taken me back a good twenty years. This morning, looking at this work with fresh eyes, I am remembering a work I painted almost 40 years ago. For a moment this was scary; dementia sufferers who are artists also revert to how they once painted, and their progress can be tracked retrospectively as this sad condition takes over.

But no, I choose to think it is simply that the colours and tools I am using, and the subject, are similar to those of my painting of the Desert Rd many long years ago. I know, when I look at the wine glass painting (ten days ago) that my skill level is not regressing. On a good day I can pull off a convincingly 3D result, it is merely that all this painting fast outdoors has altered my approach a little. Let's see what today brings. Here it is at the first "change the music and have a cuppa tea" break for the day.
and at apple break, about an hour and a half later, 11am.
and I'm a bit zonked. This is turning into an early lunch break. ciao ciao :-)1pm and the trees are blocked in but it's rest time again, I'm not as well as I thought I was. I hate wasting paint but that might be it for the day.

2pm, OK, so I couldn't stop there. Trees are in. But this time I have used up the paint on another canvas and washed the brushes. That's it until tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for better news about a sick friend.

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