18 October 2011


I stopped for a break, and the church bells were striking three. I always assumed (stupidly) that the seemingly long but relatively fast tolling of the bells was to get everyone moving again after siesta, ready to head out to work after four. Wrong. Apparently they strike thirty three times to commemorate the thirty three years that Christ was on earth. One day I'll ask a local, but that is what one of my passing visitors told me. Everytime I go to count them, of course, they are on about strike five or six before they reach my consciousness, so immune to them am I!

Actually, this morning I went to email a blog link of my finished painting to my friend who is a nun, and the captcha to send it was "prainting". Pray while painting? Why ever not!

But the kettle has boiled, the biscuits are waiting for me... and so is my palette with paint likely to dry if I don't get a wriggle on!
Here is a close-up of some underpainting, cool, huh? (OK, so the cough medicine has gone to my head, I was safer on amaro, Jackerd!)

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Jackerd said...

Amaro is always better, said the "passing visitor" ;-)