12 October 2011

i stand corrected...

Apparently the southern part of this pilgrimage is between Rome and Jerusalem, or Gerusalemme, and so is called the Francigena del sud. Pilgrimage, anyone? (And why are the signs on Via Latina when the pilgrimage follows Via Appia? Oh, that's right, ALL roads lead to...)

Now if I hadn't been brave enough to ask, I would never have known!

And did you know that Via Latina (which runs close by) is the first recorded "constructed" road in world history? The Greeks had roads that evolved from tracks, but Via Latina, in wonderful stone, was deliberately constructed from scratch.

I wonder how many slaves were used, and how long it took? You can see the chariot wheel indentations in the section near me, and the doorsteps of old Aquinium.

Sigh. How old is old?


Sending lots of positive thoughts to New Zealand at the moment, hoping that the oil slick doesn't get worse or spread any further. Keep out of the water, my surfing nephews!

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