28 October 2011

aussie aussie aussie

Sometimes I can go for several days without receiving an email other than blog posts from writers I have subscribed to. I have become invisible. "But do you write emails yourself?" you might ask. My blog is my collective email for family and friends, and yes, sometimes I do send individual emails.

My NZ friends say "but there is nothing happening in my life to write about" ... and I ask, what makes you think that there is anything happening in mine? We all work hard, pay the bills, go shopping (OK, so I avoid it if I can) and cook meals (when I remember how to do so). Daily routines of survival, that's what we all do. It's only that mine are in a different language and on the other side of the world.

Today, with various family members away from their respective computers for lovely reasons I know that there will be even less contact. In my inbox this morning was a blog with a really negative posting and the NZ newspapers gave no cheer. So, it was time to go back to ex-pat blogs I haven't had time to look at recently, to feel positively connected again.

I went first to a blog I used to really enjoy - but haven't checked on for over a year - written by a young Australian living in southern Italy. Would you believe it? She's going back to Aussie and taking her Italian husband and son with her.

What is this, an Aussie take-over? On the way home from the war the ship carrying NZers berthed in Australia. The soldiers were bussed out into the country and back to the ship, to stop them from jumping ship in the land of opportunity. They were almost home, and Australia looked great! It's been happening ever since.

Oh dear... No, I'm not about to jump ship. Italy is my home, for better or worse. But as winter approaches the attractions of Australia are growing! Rent a Nonna, anyone?

PS Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm just procrastinating... get to work, Kay, it's an all-day painting day on Fridays.

Today I am grateful for Australia, the land of opportunity.


Teacake said...

A timely and interesting post. When we chatted online this time yesterday, I was all disillusioned with everything internet, and beginning the process of streamlining things.

Today, no more news pages for me, just RSS feeds of headlines from my three fave news sites. That means no un-asked-for pics or opinion pieces or public forums. Hooray!

No more messageboards, just my fave blogs lining the bookmarks toolbar. They're all family, apart from NASA's daily pic, which always manages to put life into beautiful perspective for me.

My browser, which yesterday represented a draining and sometimes negative part of my day, suddenly looks friendly and positive again :-)

Kay said...

:-) Glad to be of help! Music and incoming information make all the difference to a day!

Jackerd said...

The hint came through loud and clear, mail you soon!

Kay said...


Not aimed at you, or anyone in particular, but I love your animated emails anyway!