29 August 2014

sharing the love

That title sounds like a hash tag. A few years ago I had no idea what a hashtag was, and I still don't know if it is one word or two.

But last night was a little bit special for me, sitting on my own in a big crowd wishing just a tiny bit that I could share my little moment of excitement with someone who might care.

This is a copy from my FB artist page, to save time and let me get back to my painting.
Last night at the main concert of the 20th Festival Internationale Severino Gazzeloni series I was happily singing the Italian national anthem, struggling with the words a little, while thinking "that photo on the two screens looks as though it was taken from the same place I painted from" - and then I saw my name under it.

My landscape of Caprile had been chosen to be the image used for the opening of the event, with a banner of the Italian colours super-imposed over the sky, screening to a huge crowd for the duration of the national anthem. Very humbling and proud moment. Thank you, Roccasecca, for including me this way.

Another of my watercolour landscapes featured later, and it was lovely to see it in this unusual context. Two large screens on either side of the stage displayed local art works chosen to complement the musical programme. The artists were also acknowledged several times, so people knew that they were viewing local artworks. Rather special.
Photo by Tommasino Marsella, "borrowed" from FaceBook. You can see a little of the image on the TV screen that was to the right of the stage, the one on the left is behind the lamp post.

Today I am grateful for inclusion.

12 August 2014

random photos will add to these - maybe

underway - second solo in my "hometown"

This evening I wondered why I had never bothered to organise a solo show here. I had one in 2007 on the advice of my lawyer and friend. He evidently thought that to establish my place in the community I needed to paint the town red - or blue - or green... in fact, that exhibition is probably what pulled me back into painting as I did 40 years ago. His advice was to paint local scenes. I did.  It was difficult, turning back the clock and trying to remember all I had forgotten. (It's coming back to me now though, for better or for worse). I've also had two or three solos in my own little village here, but somehow they don't feel like "real exhibitions" when I look back on them.

I exhibit in Cassino each year with the Legato exhibition that I organise and curate, so I suppose I really don't think beyond that. I also show my works in group exhibitions all over the region. But solo? Well, it simply wasn't important to me.

However, when asked to put on an exhibition as part of the summer programme here I reluctantly cancelled another obligation and pulled together a show. I have 37 works and a folder of small watercolours on display. Not bad really, and, although I say it myself, it looks good in the space.

Photos added in the next post as I get them onto the computer.

Today I am grateful for genuine and appreciative comments. 

8 August 2014

almost ready to exhibit

The hard work has been done. The paintings are all at the venue, most of them hanging. I need to wait until the morning for the panels (on which to hang the last ten works) to be brought down from on the stage. The paintings are sorted and ready for what I hope is instant hanging.

An oversight on the part of the organiser (and I should have nagged) probably means that once again my big paintings wont make it to the exhibition. The promised truck was not sent to collect them, but cross fingers for tomorrow. One thing I have learnt is that doing things at the last minute functions very well in Italy.

A friend has brought in three portraits that I did for her family in 2008, and I am delighted to see them again. She works for the Comune, and the exhibition is in the Comune conference room/gallery. I imagine she will enjoy sharing the portrait with her colleagues.

As always there are a few things to do before opening - I'd like to put in a couple of pot plants and make the space a little more attractive. Let's see how it looks tomorrow when the workers have removed excess tables and chairs.

I was amused and bemused to find that not only had the dates of the exhibition been changed without checking with me, (not so amusing) but that the exhibition had been named for me too. I'm still wondering how that works!

I had a little play with the locandina tonight. Here is my version of their version...

Today I am grateful for the friend who helps me hang my exhibitions.

7 August 2014

so i'm a bit of a softie

On Monday my oldest grandie starts school.

I've seen the photos, read the teacher's excellent profile, and I know he will be in great company and good hands.


Ok, that's all.

Today I am grateful for innocent children.

3 August 2014

and here it is...

Today I am grateful for accurate spelling. 

making a list, checking it twice...

It seems that I have enough works for an exhibition without stressing and working late hours. Whew!

Now to find some easels...

and yes, I did remind them how to spell my name correctly. Let's see what happens with my personal "locandina" . For my locandina (poster) I sent a choice of images to use; it will be interesting to see how my name and image is presented! 

Today I am grateful for lists. 

1 August 2014

better prepare I suppose...

Today I am grateful for messages from family and friends.