28 October 2011


I was happily back "into" my painting, having gone "through the pain barrier" and talked myself through the conflicting emotions I was having with this work. (More later on that maybe). But then, thanks to a zealous art lover on Facebook, over lunch I discovered the work of Steve Hanks.

Aaaaargh... the suppressed watercolourist in me is screaming to get out again. WHY am I muddling around trying to earn a living with these works? I have always promised myself that I would work to support my art rather than compromise my art, but putting my effort into "my real art" and "my day-job artmaking" categories just doesn't work. I can justify it rationally, and recgonise the fact that it all feeds into my technique and art practice, but.....................

These landscapes in acrylic and oil may be the last for a while!

Today I am grateful for truly wonderful artists all over the world.

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