8 July 2010

where did the days go?

Day two of Legato in the new gallery had 120 very interested evening visitors, the last ones leaving just after midnight. There are increasing numbers of requests for more private viewings of the works. The tee-shirts with peace messages on them were very popular, with people being astounded that they didn't even need to make a donation for them (thanks to the generosity of Beate Minderjahn, see Legato blog for her details).

The most recent visitor to the gallery was so moved by the works that tears flowed, and the next booking is by an Italian who has a small museum further south than Cassino and who wants to bring his Scottish guests to the gallery. Thankfully I have a conscripted docent who is hosting the show, lighting the candles, turning on the lights.

Today I am thankful for the messages of support for Legato.

4 July 2010

fantastic night...

Tired, sore feet, but very happy :-)

There were 48 very interested visitors to Legato tonight, some returning tomorrow with friends, and some asking if they can come at other times with their children. A successful evening.

Happiness is... closing the gallery doors after the last guests leave at midnight!

Tomorrow is the "big night" and the weather is expected to be better also. For now it is "buona notte a tutti..."

Today I am grateful for new friends.