9 October 2011

work not play




It's nice work if you can get it!

I was thinking today, after yet another interview for Italian TV, how easy it is to accidentally be on TV here, and how hard it would be for an artist to get the same amount of publicity in New Zealand. This must be the fourth time I have been filmed painting and interviewed (and still yet to see a programme!) Today the interviewer asked me about the wine as well as my painting. Yikes! Then they filmed me painting with a glass of wine in my hand, and YES it was posed! (I did drink it later though :-)

I was surprisingly pleased with my painting, and one day will finish the hand. It's all good practice, and must certainly lead to me painting faster. This was about 3 hours of frequently interrupted work.


Jackerd said...

i think the film crew was looking for a natural pose ;-))

Kay said...

Can't drink and paint, Jackerd, the brush might go into the wrong liquid. Or worse still, I could drink the turps or dirty water...