28 October 2011

grinding away at rocks

It's cuppa time, I'm struggling to keep on task. It's a glorious day outside the studio, lizards on the balcony, the sun streaming in, I've even stripped to one layer! I want to be up in the hills, hair blowing in the wind... oh, that's right, short hair these days. Ah well, at least it doesn't get into my paint any more...Later, and yet another cuppa... would rather it were a beer but... I am sitting here at the computer, looking at the photograph then gazing at my painting. It starts to glow. I've done it! I've found the 'Wow' factor in this one... excitement... and then I put my glasses back on. Drat. Why do the colours look better slightly out of focus? OK, back to work again...The light was failing, day was turning into dusk. And then she thought "Why not?" and went downstairs to get that beer that has been lurking in the back of the fridge since her last Kiwi visitors were here.

(The night photo, the last one, looks quite green. This evening I think it is the more accurate one, but as I painted the picture I was using yellow and really thought that I had loaded it with a lot of yellow. A light sensitive series of paintings, it seems! The daylight lets the underpainting show through, and the artificial light picks out the surface colour, maybe? )

Today I am grateful for
interesting blogs from all over Italy. I have uploaded a few on the sidebar for ease of access. I am sure there were more that I used to follow before I got painting again. These are mostly stolen from one blog, and I have loaded them "sight unseen". I will delve into them later, and add the ones I used to follow when I find them again.

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