24 October 2011

monday, work day

Back to finish off the second of the series. It is a much more limited palette, and I am not sure that it is singing yet.

From thisI've picked out some highlights and deepened some shadows. I think it's nearly there. I keep changing my mind about that though, so obviously there is room for improvement yet. Sigh...

...so I added back the tree I had removed in the tower and a bit more pre-fire vegetation and touched up a few more areas. Then, convinced the problem was the colour of the shadows bleeding into the grass colour, I took a very light wash of a plum colour (cadmium red and ultramarine blue) and glazed it very quickly. Suddenly I had a painting! (Darn, I needn't have put the tree back into the tower after all).

to this: When it is dry I'll check it again, but I think it's finished. Whew! These ruins works are more challenging than they look!

Today I am grateful for the positive response to the third of these paintings.

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