15 October 2011

back on task

I'm still feeling pretty awful with a virus or an allergy, but after a day off yesterday I am back on task.

It took me a while to think myself back into this painting after spending so much time on the flowers and candles, so I have washed in an undercoat, then worked from there to take myself back into the space.

I have had to move other paintings that I am finding distracting. If I were not feeling so under the weather I would go for a walk up into the ruins, but the stones and rocks in my own village will have to do to get the feel of it all again.
Blocked in but a long long way to go with this one!
Next step, I think, (now fed, watered and sleepy after lunch) is to put in the rocks that the ruins are on. Start with the basics, then build. If I get that right, then surely the rest of the painting will develop naturally? It is most important to me that the slopes and structures are convincing. Then the task will be to use light and colour to balance the composition, as the actual composition is too heavily weighted to the left. Accuracy versus artistry are fighting here, and the Italian viewer tends to prefer accuracy. And now I have lost the light; time for a break until I can paint in artificial light. Walk time... I wonder if two little dogs would like to join me?

Today I am grateful for cheerful, rhythmic music.

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