15 October 2011

gone cuckoo

Yesterday I left a friend using my computer, and went for a walk around the village while she completed some personal work. When I returned she was at the top of the stairs waiting for me, not in panic but close to it. She had managed to lose all she was doing, and the internet, and had created various things she had not wanted, with no idea of where they came from.

No harm done, it seemed easy to restore. Today, however, my computer is making the sound of a cuckoo every half hour, and some other strange sound on the quarter hour. I have absolutely no idea where to find what she has done.

Ah well, there's always an upside. At every cuckoo I am stepping right back away from the painting (or computer) and doing some stretching.


PS same friend called in today to finish what she had been doing yesterday. Her reaction to hearing the cuckoo was every bit as startled as mine!


nicola said...

HAHAHAHAHAAA. Maybe there's a birdnest in the back of it.

Teacake said...

Muahahahahahaha! That's brilliant!

Kay said...

and stranger... today there is no cuckoo. It was not linked to turning the computer on and off, but it stayed 24 hours then vanished. I almost miss it.