28 October 2011

is music my artistic white noise?

Without a cd playing I keep popping back to the computer, putting on something from Youtube, and disrupting my work. With a CD on I hear the first few songs and then don't realise that the music has even finished until I emerge to wash my brushes or contemplate my work from a different part of the room.

What effect is the music having on my brain? Is it like the "white noise" that is used to get a baby to sleep?

OK, so this morning I have learnt that I simply don't paint at all well to Tina Turner even if she is telling me that I am "Simply the Best" so it is back to Max Bygraves I go... later in the day it will be classical music, but for now I need to bounce along a little, "South of the Border" and other wanderings.

Back to work now, this brush in my mouth is loaded! Aye aye aye aye...



Jackerd said...

Perhabs 89 suits you better than 71

Kay said...

Love it! (It's the father-figure, of course!)

Now what did you do before you had Google?

Jackerd said...

Before Google i learnt the facts of life, now i'm "learning" useless facts

Kay said...

:-) Nice reply!