21 October 2011

big oops little oops

I am sure I will have mentioned how exacting the Italian viewing public is. Accuracy in landscapes is more than expected, it is demanded; artistic licence is not an excuse to change what you see. Well, even though I was painting from my own photograph, and have been up and down those rocks often enough to know them well, I still managed to get this one wrong.

I checked, and double checked. My wall and the church were in line. Perhaps I had made the angle of the wall a little too steep. It checked out ok. What was it?

In fact, I had simply removed a few trees to suit my composition, but those trees were hiding a turn in the wall and a few rock retaining walls. It made all the difference to the accuracy of my painting.

So, reluctantly, I have started to put trees back in. I've had to paint over a part I particularly liked. I woke up this morning thinking that this one was as good as finished! Sigh.

Today I am grateful for big quantities of paint.

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