20 October 2011

time for a break

Now I need to go back to the photo to see what I have lost, exaggerated, or completely missed out in my painterly zeal!

I have darkened the rocks under the foreground building (the first church in the world to be dedicated to Thomas Aquinas who was born in this village) to stop the eye from going into that corner too much. I liked the rocks but it works better as a composition now. The eye will track around the shape of the original walled town, with attention staying on the ruins which is the whole point of the painting. I hope that the olive trees and the clouds simply add interest and richness to it.I am not sure that I have finished with the rocks in the middle of the work. Before the fires they were almost covered with vegetation, and now they have black charred stalks around them. A bit confusing for an addled brain... before or after photos? Which one should I use?

People who have climbed here recently will notice that I have completely ignored the wooden walkways and not even hinted at them in the painting. The railings are a distraction to me and while they might make it all more recognisable this work is about the historic walled town built for the Count of Aquinium (Aquino), the family of Thomas Aquinas, not about today and tourisim.

(And it's still raining... yes, this rain is real!)

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