16 October 2011

everything is relative

It's 9.34pm. The temperature in my studio is dropping. It has gone from 20° to 19°C. I am rugged up in long-sleeved skivvy, woollen vest, and polar fleece jacket. I have four blankets on my bed and I am wondering about going downstairs to get the electric blanket or an eiderdown. (I wont, I'm going to "tough it out". I'm sure much colder weather will come).

I remember a time when I thought that 20° was a pleasant temperature.

Just what has our extreme summer this year done to my internal thermometer?

I need to buy thick curtains for the studio. Thermaldrape doesn't seem to have reached these parts. (I was thinking of buying some in NZ but I wonder if the rubber backing would perish too quickly here?). Downstairs the cantina is a lovely warm space, and the double glazing and doors that seal (that is, don't have rust holes in them, and windows that don't blow open) is making a difference already.

I'd love some carpet underfoot, but one simply doesn't have carpet here. I intend staying upstairs all winter, but already I can see that downstairs might be a lot warmer.

Aaaah, big sigh! You just can't satisfy some people!

Today I am grateful that it is pink fluffy slippers time :-)

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Jackerd said...

I'm not gonna say: "told you so"!!