26 May 2014

time to reflect

The exhibition visitors have dwindled since Friday. I often wonder if it is worth staying open for the last few days, but it is in that time that the "word of mouth" visitors and the repeat visitors come.  I would hate them to be disappointed. The exhibition continues for a few more days.

This year, for numerous reasons, I am tired and am waiting to pack up and move out of this space. I want to go home, nurture myself, and enjoy the fireflies and the view. I want healthy food and time to walk. I want my life back.

In June some long-awaited visitors arrive. It will be so much fun seeing everything through their eyes. I know they are disappointed to miss the exhibition, but I will enjoy their company so much more with this responsibility lifted from my shoulders.

My Dad and my uncle came to Cassino with the NZ veterans. I had some precious hours with them on their last day here. It was hard to let them go when we had barely said hello. I marvel at their fortitude, their resilience. I lacked a little of that this year and found that my patience disappeared as the pressure went on.

It's time to retreat for a while.

I need to hug some children and grandchildren.

Today I am grateful for a little time for me.

11 May 2014

counting the sleeps

Today I am grateful for my guests, two wonderful women from NZ. 

1 May 2014

it's may day or mayday

Today I am very grateful for the helper who has come to deliver an artwork and stayed on to help with preparations for Legato.

The new works coming to Legato this year are diverse in scale, technique and mood. Curating is going to be a challenge, and that is what I love most about hanging an exhibition of unknown works. It really is very, very exciting, exhausting, exhilarating.

This year (or at least the last two months) have simply flown.

I apologise in advance for not posting often. I still have to design the advertising flier, type up the list of works, and get postcards printed. Mmmm...

Today is the first of May, for another 11 minutes as I type. Happy May day!

Today I am grateful for an extra pair of Kiwi hands.