5 October 2011

still hot and dry

Is water the thing we under-value the most? This half of the village fountain has been dry for some time

The temperatures are very pleasant in the late 20s, but with the drop from where they were it is easy to forget that we still need to drink lots of water. We are all becoming a little out of sorts, with the weather unsettled, the summer such a tough one, and the financial crisis biting more than it has before.

There is another predicted 10 degree temperature drop in the next few days, but still no talk of the much needed rain. The wine crop across Italy is down 20% and our olives are tiny, shrivelled and starting to fall. If we don't get real rain soon the olives will hardly be worth picking.

My trees are looking stressed again, so it is out into the mosquitoes later to water the oranges and mandarins. I'm afraid the olives will just have to fall.

Different parts of the town have days without water, and our mediaeval fountains have sprouted pipes that people attach hoses to to fill up large containers in the boots of their cars. and this half of the fountain has become the sole source of water for villagers a few days at a time.

And me? Well, I'm just fine... or I will be when I take a swig from that bottle of water on my desk! Some folks would say I'm grumpy or tetchy, but I am simply direct. There is a delightful Dutch expression that says "The Dutch are too honest to be polite, and the British are too polite to be honest". I've been spending a lot of time in the company of Dutch friends... Take from that what you will :-)

This Anglo-Dutch Guide is a very useful look at how wars get started.

Today I am grateful for refreshing sparkling water.

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