1 July 2011

two years ago

Over two years ago (another busy May) I wrote this. Nothing, it seems, changes much!

Energy, energy levels, what makes us who we are; there is much to think about, many things to ponder. I spent too much time last week agonising over what my "real work" should be as I juggled painting and commemorations, memorials and touring groups. My real work is simply living here, accepting what comes along, and doing my best with whatever challenges life brings. For a former 'control freak' like me this has been a hard lesson to learn.

It is good to know who we are, where we come from, to feel strong roots. Roots have their place, but sometimes bind too firmly. The fruit matures, and falls from the plant. I think that I am sometimes like a tree. But at other times it is good to be a butterfly, or a bumblebee.

Home is not a place, it is a recognition of a state where the heart is at peace. Feeling at home is being at one with nature. Being at home for me is also being in contact with the ones I love, whoever and wherever they might be.

There is no path, but many dancing fireflies remind me that a tiny tiny flicker of light can be seen from afar. That light keeps me company as I walk, whether with tiny steps or striding out confidently. It is true that, no matter how short or how long, how adventurous or how familiar, every journey begins with the first step.

Today I am grateful for simply being here.

The fireflies have gone, all but one or two who remain near my house, keeping cool in the overgrown section next door. I'd almost accept the rats that also live there to keep the fireflies here a little longer. A tiny, moving light. Sometimes when I watch them I think I have never seen another thing so beautiful.

Today I am grateful for
fireflies, tiny lights of hope and peace.

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