21 July 2011

finding the balance

The main morning chore was a trip to Cassino (yes, again, I was there yesterday) to sort out the name and address on my water bill which goes to someone else instead of to me. In the large waiting room (the wait was over an hour, but that is my resting time) people watching was my number one occupation.

A delightful, friendly toddler played, pushed the boundaries, and finally ran across the room to engage with those of us sitting on the other side. There was something about the way that he moved that had me fascinated. Sometimes he danced on tip toes, odd for a little one probably not yet two. At other times he was slightly off balance and toppled. His two behaviours didn't quite match.

Finally I decided that the smart lace-up sneakers he was wearing were probably both the impetous to dance on his toes and the reason that he sometimes toppled. They had quite a heel, and a platform sole which curved slightly as it reached the toes. Gorgeous with his smart outfit but...


Born to be wild, or born to be free? My treat for the day was a motorbike ride, pillion passenger across the valley and into the hills. Ever since my first scooter ride at university (ok, I'll 'fess up, it was 1970) I have loved being a passenger on a motor bike. There haven't been many opportunities (I'm not sure that the Kawasaki Grasshopper on the farm counts) but the bigger and faster the bike the happier I am! Just when I think I have emptied my bucket list, or that the things in it didn't really matter anyway, I think I want to get a motorbike licence...


And then it was to work. The fresco is underway. I am hoping to complete it in record time, before the clients go on holiday. Photos in a new post. I finished work at 8pm, home to take in the washing, secure all the windows, cover the dogs' water supplies etc before the village is sprayed for mosquitoes and other nasties tonight.

Today I am grateful for fun things to do.

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