17 July 2011

it was a hard call to make

....but in the end the baritone won!

Those of you who know me REALLY well will know I have this thing for conductors (of the orchestra type. not those scientific ones). Occasionally, in this new life, I have also been known to join the groupies adoring a tenor or two.

Tonight, though, it was a very tough call. The baritone? The conductor? The tenor-presenter? Or call it a draw?

In the end, the whimsical long-haired baritone in the white jacket and shoes won. He was wonderful! Can I have the second part of the concert all over again, please?

Aaah, free summer concerts and opera in the piazza. I didn't realise how much I had missed the concerts last year until they returned this year. It might be too hot in the middle of the day, but that siesta makes concerts that start at 10pm well worth staying awake for! Tonight I went out simply seeking a diversion, expecting a leisurely passeggiata under the festa lights. I didn't know that the concert was on. What a bonus!

As usual I was torn - not only in choosing my favourite singer. The children run about, playing almost at the feet of the performers, racing through between the seating and the rotunda. Half of me finds it a distraction; the other part of me thinks how wonderful it is that hearing live opera of this quality is just an ordinary part of a Saturday night if you are lucky enough to grow up here. I love seeing the little ones clapping and swaying to opera. And mostly I am so transported by the music that the stampede through is not a real problem.

Life... it's pretty wonderful really!

Today I am grateful for live music.


Sarah said...

I can't imagine a world without music.

Nicola said...

See, walking is good for you. (: