18 July 2011


Three days, three sketches. I am reluctant to share them here, as they are a huge amount of work and eyestrain for someone else to plagiarise, add colour, and call their own.

Who knows which one the client will choose? It will be interesting to see. Here's hoping that he really likes at least one of them!

One is a romantic look at the past, with a figure, church, hillside and a few rocks. I haven't filled in much detail because if the client chooses this one I need to know how realistic he wants the landscape to be. The church is the first one in the world dedicated to Thomas Aquinas and can be seen from the client's home.

Number two is an escape to gracious columns, a classical portico overlooking the sea. My source was my photos from Ravello but I have taken plenty of artistic license with them to get a dramatic perspective. This one had me using plenty of construction lines and a single vanishing point.

The third is a street scene based on tourist photos of Lake Como, the beautiful little villages with lake and mountains in the background. It is, however, mostly from my imagination as I have yet to visit that area. I needed two main vanishing points and another minor one to make the buildings along the cobblestoned street credible.

Today I am grateful for my healthy lunch :-)

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