27 July 2011

for my grandchildren

This is the window at the top of my stairs. The old one had a fixed panel above, a nice arched top, but that had to go. The shape was nice, the object itself was not exactly pretty, with cracks in the wood and layers of badly applied varnish. Windows are almost twice the price with a curved top. Instead I opted for plain windows with a fixed panel below so it is safe for my grandchildren (and other guests taking photos of the view). I was always afraid that an adult or child might lean out too far and overbalance; the wall is below knee height for an adult and there is a long way to fall.
There is a lot of dust and noise. One of the workers asked for an asprin earlier. Now I think it is my turn to take one.

Dinner with Francesca tonight; I invited myself! This is what my kitchen looked like half an hour ago...

Today I am grateful for safe houses.

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