30 July 2011

and it's done

It started like this...and finished like this:

Not so obvious in the photo is the change to the lemon tree. it was a bit too real, and intruded in the elegant room. I have toned it down quite a bit now. I am almost regretting not painting a different pot for the lemon, but I did enjoy painting this rather rustic one.

Here is the change I made today, I am much happier with this now. The wall is higher, the leaves a better background for real plants and flowers.

Today I am grateful for the satisfaction that comes from working hard.


Jackerd said...

What a difference that "minor" changes makes. I must admit: You're a real artist

Kay said...

Thank you Jackerd! I quite enjoyed painting this one. There are always things I think I can do better, but I had spent long enough and the work is finished. I have to seal it with rabbit skin glue later, but I will wait a while in case there is anything the clients want changed. They have to live with it every day so I think they have a right to get used to it before we decree it absolutely done.

Teacake said...


[Hides all the rabbits]


Kay said...

Sorry Teacake!!! I thought of you as I wrote that, but until they invent a synthetic glue that is as good I'll just have to do it the traditional way.

(The modern rabbits are quite safe, I have some old glue here ready to be dissolved and heated).