30 June 2011

election time

I need to register to vote. But who on earth do I vote for? The current messing about with law changes to ban Kronic makes me so mad! Surely the crime and health situation caused by drugs in NZ is enough to declare it a national emergency and really tighten up in a hurry?

I am mostly proud to be a Kiwi, but honestly, some of the things happening in NZ today make life with Berlusconi look simply rosy! I'd rather read (or not read, as the case may be) about Silvio's sex scandals than about another promising life lost in NZ to drugs and alcohol, about another case of child abuse, about the dark side of life in God's Own.

Public money is going to waste, lives are being lost, the world faces an economic crisis and the country is trembling on the faultlines. These are difficult times. Democracy is all well and good, but sometimes the public good demands something a little more draconian to get results. I'm all for restorative justice and am a strong adherent to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, but in these troubled times speed is of the essence. Maybe Draco had it right after all. Greed, drug abuse and lack of action have eroded the basis of our society.

Yes I will vote, come November. But first give me a party worth voting for. It would seem that Italy and New Zealand have even more in common than before.

Today I am grateful for outspoken activists.


Teacake said...

Don't get me started! Uh oh. You got me started.

Ah, sigh. Our lovely country. I despair of our selfish and populist politicans, and our selfish voters.

How else did we end up with a government bailing out private investors to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, while cutting funding to much-needed community services, including mental health services?

Ah. Must stop my rant right here, before it really starts. Ah. November. That's not much time to gather together a viable opposition.

Kay said...

Could it be because the families of someone in government were involved perhaps? Do we have to sacrifice our people, and indeed our very culture, because of hidden corruption in our government?

It's hard to watch and say nothing, but without real facts what can be done? Power corrupts, that is certain. And greed in the end destroys, and the innocent end up suffering too.

In Christchurch domestic violence, drinking and obesity have risen alarmingly. That bail-out money could have been used there. There is no social conscience any more, it is all dog-eat-dog with a profit margin in mind.

When does nepotism and favouritism become corruption? When money is involved, and politicians forget what their real work is.

What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people!

Anonymous said...

The one thing I do get is that Helen Clark and Mickey Cullen left the countr broke, they paid way too much for Kiwi rail in their efforts to leave the coffers bare, and all the signs were there that that the world economy was starting to faulter. They had not even followed their own statistical projections to provide the needed amount of Prison beds required for the five years after they lost the election. National has had to use shipping containers!! We have a small business and the global downturn hit us and we paid no tax the last two years, so where does the minister of finance locate the additional money. And finally they had to bail out the Private Investors because of the guarantee laws that Labour set up when the banks started to hit the wall internationally. Clark & Cullen used to get my vote but hey folks they have been tagged "Kiwi Fail" They were so into grudge, they left no money in the governments books so in effect sideswipped us ordinary Kiwis big time.

Kay said...

I don't get at all that some investment companies went under while another, rumoured to have family links in government, was bailed out. My friends who invested their retirement money in one that failed would love to know what the difference was.

I am not pro one party over another, I am just angry that neither has taken the stand necessary against drugs. At the turn of the century (yes, this one) the police were warning us in the education sector about what was happening in the drug scene. Were they resourced to deal with it by either party? Did anyone really listen? No, nothing like that could be happening in our own back yard!