20 July 2011


Studio cupboards cleaned and sorted
Another sketch completed (number 4)
Three canvases primed
One oil composition blocked in
Two client interviews

Large pot of soup cooked
One NZ phone call made
Two shots of amaro for a nightcap to break the diet

...and yes, my Daddy said I could. Diets, he said, must be in moderation too!

Today I am grateful for things achieved.


nicola said...

On a roll!

Kay said...

My R&R in Scotland did me the world of good! Then finding that the terrace is the PERFECT place to work in the summer mornings just topped it off and set me back on track again :-)

Jackerd said...

I'm missing something!
Something what has to do with single malt and a helmet.
You've don more on one day than you remember. (light alzheimer disease at 37?)

Kay said...

Dear Jackerd, that was Tuesday! Wednesday looked like this:

Find and remove dead rat from the garden shed, weed around the feijoa trees, water the plants, block in a painting, go to Cassino to buy paint, block in a second painting, prepare two more canvases, read a little in Italian, rest a little, sweep the cantina, clear away some leaves, deliver Scottish gift to the Kay minders, try on a motorbike helmet, listen to conversation in another language, go home and have light healthy dinner then take dogs for a walk, have an early night (asleep before midnight!)

Jackerd said...

I'm so sorry. Didn't watched the date. Must have been the sight of the bottle.
And i thought you're far to young for . . . .

Kay said...

Young enough to be excited at the prospect of a bike ride... :-)