12 July 2011

home again, home again...

There comes a time in life when it is an absolute pleasure to hand over to your kids.

I remember how much my Dad enjoyed it when I started driving my parents around New Zealand and he could simply be the passenger.

I am home from a week of rest and relaxation in Scotland, where I gladly hand over responsibility to my daughter and son-in-law and I simply rest!

It took a few days to become human after a busy and stressful time, but now I am home (sweltering in the heat, 30 degrees and almost midnight) feeling far more relaxed and even a little fitter despite failing at boot camp!

Photos later, perhaps, of exquisite cups of tea, interesting architecture, but not too many photos taken over all.

My hand luggage was over-weight with all the lovely tea I brought back into coffeeland. I am overweight after a week of interesting cuisine and second helpings. Scotland has that effect on me. Blame A...., I think, as I seem to now associate Scotland with food, the result of dining too much some time ago with wonderful servings from a certain Carnock kitchen!

Today I am grateful for adult "children".

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