9 July 2011

patience rewarded...

My doors and windows are on their way! I can't wait to see the difference they will make to the house. (Let's not think about the dust, the noise of installing them or covering or moving the furniture, much better to think of latches that close properly, double glazing, locks that are secure).

I failed on the exercise routine today, mutiny at boot camp but I was well looked after at health camp. Now to see if I can have some treatment to set all to rights and I'll be on top of the world again ;)

Tonight's meal was Chinese... around the world in cuisine, that's the way to travel!

This evening we watched a very poignant film, made special as it was all done in animated watercolour paintings. The music was also gently edgy, not quite sad, not always beautiful, but always pretty. (Don't click on the link if you don't want to know the story ahead of seeing the film). Silvain Chomet's "The Illusionist" based on a screenplay by Jaques Tati was in effect both a farewell to Vaudeville and a lovesong to Edinburgh. The painted backdrops are delightful, and watching it with folk who know the buildings well added to the appreciation of the artists involved in the production. It was well worth watching for the art and the music alone.

Today I am grateful for cherry and cinnamon tea.


Sarah said...

Watercolour? What's that?
Glad you are having a lovely time, mum!

Kay said...

It's all the colours in a swimming pool in Alabama...