27 July 2011

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Last night Zacchi, Piccolina and I slept "on guard" in the kitchen as the house was completely open to the elements and any potential intruders. Luckily we slept well and there were no disturbances during the night. We booby-trapped the main entrance just in case we had visitors!

Today what was once a doorway, but was a smaller window space when I bought the apartment, is a doorway again.

It will be exciting making a lovely little courtyard off the bedroom - but that must wait a little longer. For now I will simply dream of it.

Sorting out a few problems:

I'll get the "after photo" when the door is properly fixed and there are not five men consulting in the space.


Later... and here it is. Note that I can still tie up my mule outside? I suggested it was for the knight on the white horse, but the workmen agreed that there are more donkeys than horses around here!

No, I haven't really got a mule, just these little darlings who have been so good in exile down in the garden today!

Today I am also grateful for intelligent and obedient dogs.

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