4 July 2011

you call that a walk?

Honestly mum, you have bathed us, poked syringes of medicine between our gritted teeth, and generally been less than kind today. Then you go out for dinner, come home latish, and all we get is a short walk around the village?

There were all those new blue poles to sniff at and pee on. There were cats by the rubbish bin. With all the new folk in town for the summer there was rubbish escaping from the bins. And you PUT US IN THE CAR and drove us down the road to walk back? Why couldn't you leave the car where it was? Would it have mattered if the doorbell had rung and you had to move it early in the morning so they could put up the festa lights? Sleep in? What's that?

OK, so we walked up and down the village first, checking out where the red and white tape was. And you could have just left us at home while you moved the car.

And you do look stunning in that fluoro vest you know.

Maybe we'll stop complaining...

For now

Today we are grateful that Mum walks us, sometimes!

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