2 July 2011

share your tears

And while I am frustrated... add some anger to it, but well directed, productive anger I hope.

Several years ago artist Sarah Scott began a project called "Share Your Tears". It was a very moving, and artistically successful project which brought a lot of pleasure and solace to many people along the way.

Blog readers may remember when she put out her first Share Your Tears book. That was back in 2008, and the project had been going for quite some time at that point.

Other committments have meant that she has painted fewer of these works recently.


some person who shall remain nameless (but oh how I would love to name and shame) has decided that he could steal her project all for himself. Audacious, incredible but true.

Take something successful and make it your own, forget about ethics, intellectual copyright, that's how to get ahead! It reminds me of another artist doing the same thing in another country, but we wont go there either!

I know it is hard to come up with something original, but please, PLEASE if you have been DIRECTLY influenced by another, at least acknowledge the fact! There is no shame in that.

That's as bad as having learnt everything you know from one teacher, and then made your income by presenting yourself to the world as completely self taught, selling the techniques you learned from another as your own.

But I wont go there, either. I was not the injured party in either of those cases, just a very irate bystander.

But in the case of SHARE YOUR TEARS I have a much closer interest.

HANDS OFF!!! Go and have your own wonderful ideas. How can you lie straight in bed at night? Or maybe you can't, tossing and turning because you survive by stealing ideas from brilliantly talented emerging artists you meet in the course of your work. No, I am sure you sleep well, and have no idea of how morally wrong your actions were.

WORLD please know that Share Your Tears is a project created by SARAH SCOTT and noone else.


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