28 July 2011

proud of their work

This morning the team leader called me down to inspect the work. The finishing touches are taking place. He wants me to take photos of the completed door, with all the trimmings.

How great it is to see people taking pride in their work.

I did ask about the wooden panels over the glass and was assured that they were only for darkening bedrooms, and not used on kitchen doors. This sort of thing happened to me in NZ too, when what I ordered was changed in my absence because the worker thought it wouldn't look right. (I had measured up for wheelchair access into the house, leaving some of the steps exposed to place lovely pot plants on. I came home to a dangerous, steep ramp not the gentle one along the side that I had requested, and nowhere for the pot plants because the men involved thought I had made a mistake. GRRRR!!!! If it happened now I would have insisted on it being changed, but back then I didn't really stand up for myself). In this instance, though, I did get the darkening panel on the kitchen window; presumably they thought it was for another bedroom. I don't like curtains in kitchens so am very glad about that one!

I'll add the photos to this post later.


Nicola said...

Breathtaking! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Bet you won't keep them clean though. (:

Kay said...

@Nicola: if you didn't look after me so well I'd call you impudent!

The workers have just gone, and the stucco and stones man comes on Monday to fix all the bits knocked out when the old windows and doors came out.

It's nice to have quiet again, but I'll miss them coming and going (even though I had to be up and dressed by 7.30 to let them in!)