29 July 2011

back to work again

I lost the light early this evening so the picture is a little dark.

I am hoping that in another two days the work will be finished, but realistically...?

I want to "remove" a little stucco on the wall (ie, paint the stones that are under the stucco in these houses) to balance the other side where the real stones come in a bit. Then I need to make some firm decisions about the shadows, something I have been messing about with a bit too much. After that it is hopefully just a matter of tidying up details and bringing the foreground to life a bit more.

Nearly there... but I certainly wont be sealing it until after the owners are home from their holiday and have lived with it a bit. It would be sad to leave them with something that bugged them, like a stray leaf on the ground or a flower that needs picking off...

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Sarah said...

Looking fabulous, mum!