12 July 2011

oh dear...

Health camp: fail!
Boot camp: fail!
Exhibition proposal ready to send? Gone to be proofed in Australia. (Pretty please?) It's a Google documents first for me; here's hoping it is successful way of communicating.

No exercise today, unless walking around the city counts.

The diet?
Last night, Italian followed by a Scottish supper.
Today, a huge afternoon tea in town followed by Mexican for dinner.

But... today I discovered (thanks Kate and Alice) "Shaun the Sheep". Wonderful. I think we are now watching about episode five for the evening...

And the doors and windows... can't wait until they are installed :-) Exciting times!

Today I am grateful for helping hands from friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Love to see some photo's when doors & windows go in, Sorry I do have a bent for architecture & the importance of windows. I know how long you have waited, congratualtions and it sounds like your enjoying summer, its cold over here. Ann.

Sarah said...

Psssssssssh, Parker is a long time Shaun fan. You didn't know?!