2 July 2011

aaaagh...frustration plus some!

I've been working on the painting. Something I feared last night but wasn't sure about has been absolutely confirmed. This paper, Fabriano (but I can't remember which one), has been behaving in exactly the same way as my beloved Arches did when the Americans bought out the company and took short cuts. It has not been properly sized.

WHY WHY WHY take something that is NOT broken and try to fix it? Where is this paper being made? I can't believe that Fabriano would knowingly allow this to happen!

What I don't know is when and where I bought the paper.

My options: Abandon painting and cry.
Allow to dry and overwork in pencil or acrylic.
Stop and put it aside for a while and see if it still has some intrinsic value when I come back to it.

It's all very well for me to choose to waste my time, but when I have possibly wasted hours and hours of good sleep time painting something that may not be saved then that is REALLY frustrating.

My short term solution: take out a cold beer, put my feet up on the couch, and talk to the dogs. They, patient creatures who after lunch were hiding in the stairwell waiting for a walk, are not really that impressed at having the afternoon in the studio.

Today I am grateful for my love of watercolour painting.

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