3 July 2011

thinking out loud

Sunday morning. I am determined to finish this today, for better or worse.(The painting is not so blue, the camera picks up colours differently and the grey is less apparent in the photos. I mix my own greys, hence the difference. A diluted black, which I never ever use, would photograph well but would look dead in the painting).

Looking at it now I realise that I should have taken more time to think about how to use the flaw in the paper rather than fight it. Probably the best thing to do would have been chop it up into little abstract works, and use them as gift labels.

But I have invested too much energy in this now, and will re-evaluate how to produce something I am satisfied with, hopefully without going into mixed media.

Now that the work is dry (almost dry, the paper is like a cardboard so will still hold some damp even in this heat) I can try various options. I have used a few staining colours, so it would be interesting to scrub the work under running water and see what I am left with. I am not sure how the paper would handle that. Contrary to popular belief you can scrub watercolour paper, albeit gently, but this with erratic or no sizing might disintegrate. I don't think I would risk that without trialling a scrap first.

I can try lifting, taking a stiffer brush and picking out highlights. I don't think that will work too well in this case though, for two reasons. One is the nature of the paper, and the other is the staining pigments I have used.

I can put on some calm, really relaxing music and slowly slowly build up a stronger picture than this was ever intended to be. The paper bleeds have already demanded that I change from my original idea. I can now simply follow what the paper dictates.

I think the last option is most appealing. It is Sunday, after all!

Today I am grateful for options.

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