7 June 2011

home again

It's been a long day, an interesting day, and in many ways a fun day. But for travellers who arrived with overweight luggage at check-in it was not so much fun... had they paid the excess instead of repacking their bags the bill would have been close to 2000 euros for the three together. Sooo... there are lots of goodies back here with me, some waiting for another chance to get to NZ, and some heading for my cupboards and studio.

We took over a corner of a restaurant at the airport, and spent so long simply being Kiwis together that as we walked towards check-in one of the group was momentarily surprised to hear Italian spoken around her :-)

So, instead of being home early it was a rather late trip down the autostrada, and now that I have "unwound" from driving I guess I should count my blessings and give thanks for new friends and old friends from here and overseas, and hit the hay to count some sheep.

Kiwi friend who is back here to stay for a couple of weeks has noticed a huge improvement in Pickle, who greeted us with lots of bounce and joy when we arrived home.

Today I am grateful for safe travel.


Nicola said...

I suppose it's time you got something out of all those trips to the airport. I certainly get stuff like golden syrup when I drop you off! (:

Sarah said...

Hoorah! Free gifties! (I mean...I guess all gifts are free anyway...)