28 June 2011

pickle's blood results are good...

I have yet to talk to the vet to see how good, but the short answer over the phone is that the results are good. Woohooo... Let's hope it is a full recovery further down the track, but for the summer anyway we continue a modified pill regime.

It looks as though I still need to buy a choke chain, she has been damaging my arm again with her pulling. You win some, you lose some! She doesn't like the lead around her chest, but that is the only way I can walk her now that she is well again. See cat, will charge like a speeding canon ball...

Happiness is a well dog! Heartfelt thanks Jack for all your encouragement, and for staying positive when things were looking bad a while ago.

Now to get the ragamuffin looking loved again :-)

Today I am grateful for medical/veterinary science.

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Sarah said...

Yay! Little Gherkin! You are almost well. <3