23 June 2011

good company

Music floats up from the valley. Over the past few days there has been the sound of laughter, dance, music... the sounds of summer. I think it is a Scout camp down on the flat. Occasionally I lean out over the balcony to hear more.

The days are balmy and it is beautifully cool inside these stone walls. Siesta time is becoming my favourite time of day. The town and the village are still, nobody moves. But someone down below has forgotten that between the hours of 1.30 and 4pm noise is almost forbidden. I am enjoying the music, but wonder where they find the energy for such activities when the sun is scorching and high in the sky.

Piccolina goes to the vet for her check-up blood tests on Monday. The vet is happy and I am happy. Pickle, if she understood the options, must be VERY happy! Pickle still has tablets once a day but the tests will show if these are still required. Once the antibiotics finished Pickle returned to her old self, even her bark sounding normal again. Two nights ago I was not sure that that was a good thing!

The water falls in the fountain. I can hear a few birds, but the music has paused. I love this quiet, dreamy time of day when lethargy becomes a virtue.

Today I am grateful for a change of pace.


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I can almost tast Rocassecca. Ann