15 June 2011

recently i snapped

Lately I have been a bit snappy. If I am honest, a big bit snappy. It is so foreign to me to lose my rag that I decided to blog about it. I don't like feeling angry. If you name something you have control over it, right?

Lessons for people who don't want to be yelled at:

Don't tell me that I do too much then demand hours of my time.
Don't claim to be an expert and then prove to be a muddler.
Don't tell me how to run my life.
Don't tell me how to drive my car.

Don't claim to be a non-drinker when you drink every day.
Don't claim to be on a diet then eat all the wrong foods.
Don't tell me you go running when you hardly even go walking.

And most of all...
Don't tell me you are single when you really are still married.

Today I am grateful for my female friends.


Teacake said...

Yikes! (((HUGS))).

> Don't tell me you are single when you really are still married.

Can I snap at this one, too, on your behalf? Evil glares in stereo - they make people fall off chairs, remember?

Sending you a virtual glass of Australian red, a hug from me, and a snuggle from a joyful baby (the wintery sun shining in her golden-red hair).

Kay said...

Thankyou! I woke up with the song "Let there be peace on earth... and let it begin with me" going around in my head. Maybe I'll blog again.

I loved the reference to stereo evil glares; it made me remember and I started the day with a laugh. Thank you! (Laughter is better than wine!)

Joyful babies and supportive family are the best! Thanks for the hugs too :-)

Jackerd said...

No Jack, you better not respond to this. (I thought!!)
But then. . . . .

No I don't!!

(only this: This is not a Blog, this is the letter you should post)

Nicola said...

Good list. (:
Don't tell me I'm unreasonable for not wanting to listen to you TELL ME HOW TO DRIVE MY *$&%^ING CAR!

Oops. Have I brought bad language and one sided negativity back into your world?

Sarah said...

Ahhhhh, ranting.
It's spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Go the single life! :) I have fridges to raid across the world, what more is needed? Missing Italian bread and olive oil big time!