9 June 2011


Tonight's walk was a delight. Fireflies, warm weather, balmy conditions, and two happy little dogs.

Piccolina was as happy as any nearly-recovered little dog can be. There were dogs to bark at, cats to chase, rubbish bags to sniff at... and Zacchi was just delighted that Mum and Bonni found enough energy to go walking at the end of a long and tiring day.

I love the fact that at 10.30pm folk are out walking, enjoying the evening, strolling along in groups. OK, so there was only one safety conscious idiot dressed in a bright orange glowing safety vest and carrying a torch, but maybe one day my fashion statement will catch on!

Today I am grateful for Pickle's restored health and energy.


Anonymous said...

If all the Capriliani are walking in a bright orange safety vests at night (like your fashion statement is up to) means only one thing:
Caprile is, completely, invaded by Kiwi's, Hahahahahaha

I'm so happy for Piccolina (and you)

Teacake said...

Ooooh watch out, with your hi-viz vest and torch! You might be mistaken for a firely!

Very dangerous attire ;-)