22 June 2011


Tomorrow my last guest leaves. She has been wonderful company during what became a stressful period for me, and I am trying not to miss her ahead of time! We have shared so much laughter, so many "deep and meaningfuls" and achieved a lot in the house as well.

The guests who left this afternoon were inspirational. I want to be as fit (and almost as slim) as they are when I am their ages, so no more vino, no more chocolate, and for now not too much cheese either! Yes, it is health and fitness focus now! My 76 year old guest who broke three vertebrae when he fell out of a tree some time in the 1990s was ably lifting 20 kilo suitcases up and down the steps, stairs and onto the train.

I have no guests due until August then September, so it is time to retreat to the studio and paint, paint, paint! That works in really well, as I tend to foget to eat when I am painting.

Life is good. In fact, it's great! Summer fruits, salads, evening strolls with two little dogs, and lots of painting when it is too hot to be outside.

Roll out the canvas, let's paint!

Today I am grateful for inspirational people.

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