2 June 2011

interesting times

Tonight I joined a group of artists who were painting and sculpting in a local restaurant. I had no real idea of what the evening was going to be, other than dinner and art, but the owner of the restaurant asked me to participate and I invited four travelling kiwis to join me.

It turned out to be very interesting, with a range of talented people there. I was tired, so took only a sketch book and did a quick pencil portrait. I didn't realise that the television crew there were actually making a full programme, and so ended up being filmed and interviewed... yes, I had arrived home too late to shower and get glammed up so had no make-up but thankfully had changed into what I hope was appropriate garb.

One of my visitors stood nearby urging me to sketch "to make me famous", and while I am not happy with the result the likeness was convincing enough for the watchers to sound impressed. She has long dark hair and my 6B pencil was not behaving in the manner I hoped, but I guess that is a risk you take when you change pencil brands and don't test them at home.
Conditions were hardly ideal as I didn't pose her or orientate my paper, thinking it was just going to be a quick warm-up sketch. However, it can't have been too bad as the out-of-town artists have invited me to join them again next month.

Today I am grateful for generous and welcoming artists.

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