5 June 2011

time out

I am enjoying being a blob!

Today, Sunday, I slept in, curled up on a couch at a friend's apartment in Civitavecchia. Life doesn't get much more laid-back than this.

Last night our evening passagiata took us along the waterfront, and we watched the sun go down over the ancient fortress and the transient market stalls.

The meal in a pub well away from the tourists was both good value and good quality, and the chance to do nothing but walk and chat was just what I needed.

I am blogging to stay awake, as this sleepy pace is sooooo tempting! I could just as easily fall asleep again, and siesta time is almost over.

We considered visiting the beautiful medieval town of Tarquinia... but only briefly!

We discussed a walk down to see the infiorata, but if seemed too much like an effort.

Blobbing on the couch won out after less than a minute's deliberation.

My friend has moved from her couch, I guess she has decided to blob elsewhere. I didn't see her go, did my eyes close again? We are supposedly packing up her apartment but...

After a busy time, and stressful events, being a blob rules. Absolutely!

Today I am grateful for a comfortable couch.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! Yesterday, driving on the A1 we saw a Blob driving a Volkswagen Polo. . . . (and she didn't noticed us)

Kay said...

Did you get stuck in traffic near exit 26 too? I thought of you as I crawled along, hoping that you were safely in Ostia and not in the traffic!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, stuck for about half an hour. You really didn't see us, somewhere near Valmontone? I almost lost my arm waving at you. What a shame i didn't made a picture. You have to see yourself driving. (We had fun!!)

Sarah said...

Ha ha, Mum!
I want to ride with Jack and look at you driving, too!
And if you are not noticing his arm falling off, then you will also not notice the silly faces I would be making.

Anonymous said...

The picture is still on my mind, if I could only draw. . . .
You would be able to paint a series of, Sarah :-).