19 June 2011


I want to write an inspiring, funny or really interesting blog post, but I am stuck. I am feeling strangely flat and a little discombobulated. I guess it will pass.

It has been a high energy weekend after a strange kind of week. On Saturday I went up Monte Cerasola to honour a promise to a veteran soldier. Today there was a meeting to discuss projects set up by the same man. He was inspirational. I hope that I can move mountains in the name of peace, or at least climb a few along the way.

This evening I have guests sleeping (I hope) in three different apartments in the village; some with me, one in my studio and one further up the village. I am not quite sure that all my instructions for breakfast were understood, so the doorbell has been taken upstairs so the downstairs guests can sleep in.

Tomorrow I teach, and go back to Cassino to get my fingerprints done again (the ink version this time) so I can continue to live here legally. I am a little bit of a shuttle service tomorrow as well.

Perhaps most important though is to get Pickle to the vet for her check-up as we have finally run out of her tablets. This morning she was reluctant to emerge after her long walk last night. This evening she was barking at the door demanding to be walked again. She is strong, energetic, and her hair is growing back. I think that she is probably not quite as well as she thinks she is, but she pulls and runs, charging about like a mad thing when there are any cats. She is certainly improving as long as the weather is warm. And when it isn't? She has found a spot for sunbathing out of any breeze.

Sometimes I am tempted to seek a quieter life, painting and walking, enjoying the lovely area I live in, pulling my head in and disappearing from society. It's almost time to be a hermit again. But my diary keeps filling up. I have agreed to help with an "art for kids" day in the holidays, and am really looking forward to it. I am teaching more, rather than less, over the holidays. The festa season also means more villages wanting artists around to add interest to the evenings, and the calendar is full.

It's not yet midnight, and I am thinking of sleep. But first there are meeting notes to type up... and Nonna must check her favourite blogs :-)

Today I am grateful for clear communication.


Tania said...

> But my diary keeps filling up.

Yikes! That's a bit audacious for a humble sheaf of paper. I have the old-fashioned, manual kind of diary that you write things into yourself, the trick being to write in only the things that you choose to do ;-p

> Nonna must check her favourite blogs :-)

Yay! Indeed she must!

Kay said...


I do seem to remember pencil and paper being involved when I was asked to help with the children's art day...

But I'll make a better effort to squash that audacious diary into shape somehow!