26 June 2011

it's incredible

I bought a new camera some time ago, and gave away my much loved one to some much loved surfers. It has taken me some time to get used to the new one, and it still delivers the occasional photo with distortion, but the benefits will outweigh that I am sure. When I chose it I paid an extra 36 euros or so to have the GPS feature on it. Why? I guess because I could. Today in an idle moment (yes, I do have them!) I loaded Picasa, and there on all the new photos were little red flags. It seems that I had used the GPS feature for these. I have vague memories of turning it on somewhere.

I clicked on the little flag.

Up came a map with another little red bubble on it. I zoomed in... and somehow my computer had managed to locate the spot where I took the photo. There was the map of southern Italy, and the spot was marked for me.


Here it is... my first ever attempt at using this feature. This is a photograph of the sassi at Matera.
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Well done, little camera. You are forgiven for any other short-comings.


This morning I had to confess to the village organisers that there wont be an exhibition at my place at festa time. Somehow I double-booked myself. I am quietly relieved; another exhibition and three hundred or so people in my cantina is the last thing I need right now.

Today is the infiorata, and again I am double-booked. I have promised a neighbouring village that I would be at their festa with some paintings. This one is not such a faux pas, as the local one is a religious festival and I am not a church attendee. I will go down to the piazza and pay my respects though, I enjoy the ceremonies and seeing ancient rituals observed. But the mountain village of Colle San Magno calls me... and while I am there I might just have a summer beer for my Dad!

Today I am grateful for village life.


nicola said...

You still sound far too busy...

Kay said...

The evening ended on the terrace at La Magnolia, discussing Jung in Italian... life is good! I'm very much looking forward to my holiday though...

Teacake said...

Discussing Jung in Italian?! WOW. Impressed. Dead impressed.

(And trying not to use the word "yikes" to comment on your blog yet again, but you so often give me cause...!).


Kay said...

There are still far too many gaps in my vocabulary, but my patient friends helped me around those.

For now it's back to the pink novels to get the parts of speech better established, then on to more serious vocab!

Sarah said...

Pink novels...for *language*...I'm calling it, mum!
Ha ha!

Kay said...

I'll stick to my story! Mindless plots let me concentrate on the verbs...