27 June 2011

it's warming up here...

Temperatures are into the 30s now. The weather forecast is for "molto caldo" followed by "temporali" on Thursday. The couch and books in the cool downstairs apartment look far too tempting! Is it only a few weeks ago that we were complaining that spring hadn't arrived? Summer, gloriously scorching, has arrived!

Pickle had her blood test today, results tomorrow. Zacchi is looking a bit too scruffy because the diet food that was prescribed for Pickle isn't rich enough for him. He now has a tonic to take. Honestly, worse than children they are! They both enjoyed their ride to the vet, and behaved pretty well really. Zacchi chose to be absolutely perfect when he saw Pickle lifted up onto the table, and Pickle, who had greeted the vet with delight and affection, suddenly remembered that vets have needles and wanted to go home.

I am waiting for touring Canadians, due here four hours ago. I hope that they are OK. While waiting I have sorted and cleaned in the kitchen; it looks as though Bonni is still here :-) I think I have to give up waiting (and housework), get changed, and attack the studio. I felt inspired this morning, and ruthless. What a pity those feelings have passed!

OK, upstairs, on with the music, no more computer, it's a wonderful day for new beginnings.

Today I am grateful for choices.


Jackerd said...

.. "I felt inspired this morning, and ruthless. What a pity those feelings have passed!"

And what a pity i'v missed that moment! You, ruthless. . .!!

do you know where to find the emergency brake fore summer? The days go by so fast

a (molto) presto

Sarah said...

Hoorah! Paint!

nicola said...

I wanna be that hot You will find Scotland refreshing! (: