7 May 2012

wot a day

It's even affected my spelling.

I woke thinking that I had caught a cold, but I think it is only an allergy to some of the pollens and flowers blowing in.  I dressed for exercise, then bounded up the stairs (joke) to check on my paintings.  (Sometimes they change overnight, really!)

The paintings looked pretty good, and I knew that if I touched one I would want to retouch them all, so I boldy finished varnishing them and took them downstairs.  Done!

Completely forgetting that I was on my way out to jog a few hundred metres, I sat in front of a new, fresh, awesomely inspiring canvas to paint... (shhhh, more poppies).  I needed something from downstairs first.  Big mistake.  There were many emails needing urgent attention, arranging things for the big commemoration day.  I lost my morning. I forgot about my exercise.  I even forgot to eat lunch.  (I remembered at 3pm).

Things compounded.

It's now nearly 8pm.  Not a single thing on my list for today has been done.  Everything has been voluntary work for others.  And I have been working hard ALL day!

Somewhere along the way I managed to pull over a china crock and break the lid (pulling the computer over to the couch so I could change position for a bit) and now the dogs are telling me that they haven't been walked, fed, or given more than a passing chat occasionally.

It hasn't been the best day, really!

I'd pull an all-nighter to catch up but I don't have any dark chocolate...

Sleep will win, but first I think a short walk to clear my head.

Today I am grateful for my brush and shovel.  

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