6 May 2012

once upon an art career

I remember thinking that I didn't want to be known as "the teacup lady".  Now I seem to be "the poppy lady".  Maybe, on reflection, the teacups were better.  They were certainly more satisfying works, using all sorts of strange materials and scale.  I used glare and watercolour on gesso, gold leaf, silver pencil... perhaps I need to go back to something delicate for a while.  I am all Monte Cassino and poppyed out!

But when I go upstairs and turn the light on this evening I know I will be a little proud of what I have achieved over the last few weeks.

And I'll blame this headache on the moon...


Maybe I'll finish this blog post later. 


Nicola said...

"I'll blame the headache on the moon" sounds like a song lyric.

helen said...

Sorry Kay but you have no chance of stopping painting poppies because poppies are part of your DNA.

Kay said...

OK, just for Helen, I am heading upstairs now, poppy photos at the ready, (poppies outside are wet and droopy, very little moon for me last night!)